Survey says…! SurveyMonkey scoops up Wufoo for $35 million

SurveyMonkey acquired the AJAX-y online form goodness that is Wufoo.

SurveyMonkey—the nearly ubiquitous go-to service for online surveys—is one of those companies. You know, the ones who are quietly successful. Who don’t make much ruckus. And who—prior to its sale to a private equity consortium in April 2009—just happened to be headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

They’ve still got an office here. So when they do something, we take notice. And they did a little something today. SurveyMonkey acquired the AJAX-y online form goodness that is Wufoo.

“Wufoo is the market leader in online form creation and a perfect fit for SurveyMonkey,” said Dave Goldberg, SurveyMonkey CEO, in a press release. “From the product and business model, to the team and culture, we are absolutely delighted to welcome the company into the SurveyMonkey family and look forward to increasing the reach and scale of an already outstanding product through our platform.”

Kara Swisher at All Things D is reporting the acquisition to be in the range of $35 million.

While the terms of the transaction for the Tampa, Fla.-based Infinity Box–makers of Wufoo–were not disclosed, sources said the price was $35 million in cash and stock.

Wufoo is—needlessly to say—a tad excited as well. So much so, that they’ve created a Rampage inspired FAQ to celebrate the monkey mascot and dinosaur mascot coming together.

For more information on the acquisition, read the SurveyMonkey press release, the SurveyMonkey blog post, and the Wufoo blog post.

(Hat tip Justin Thiele)

  1. Enormously enlightening many thanks, I reckon your audience might want way more stories like this continue the good hard work.

  2. What I do not like in “those” companies” that that try too hard to become “the only one” in the market. I am with all my heart for variety.

    I use CreateSurvey and very happy wiith it.

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