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Portland startup Reflect acquired by Portland mainstay Puppet

One of my concerns about the Portland startup community is that it often takes a significant amount of time for companies to find their way to an exit. And for venture funded companies, it’s all about the exit. So it was a pleasant surprise to see two Portland companies involved in an acquisition—especially when one of those companies was still on the earlier stages of growth. Puppet has acquired Reflect.

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Acorns now and Acorns Later: Portland startup Vault acquired by Acorns

One of the challenges with the Portland startup community has always been achieving exits that generate capital and connections that can be reinvested into the next generation of companies in our community. So it’s always nice to see an exit. But it’s even nicer when that exit is a company founded by a Portland native who is interested in giving back to the community. That’s why I’m happy to announce that Portland startup Vault has been acquired by Acorns.

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Another Portland company acquired: Higher Logic scoops up Kavi

So this is interesting. For all the positives of the Skyward acquisition today, it still had one issue that has been consistently part of our “liquidity event” stories: it was a solitary event. Portland doesn’t have multiple exits happening in rapid succession. We don’t get the opportunity to build momentum. Or at least we didn’t… but it may be starting. Because Portland based Kavi announced their acquisition by Higher Logic today, too. Read More

Gathering clouds: Portland's Cloudability announces first acquisition

It’s always a telling sign when Portland companies gather the wherewithal to begin making acquisitions. And that’s why I thought it was important to share that Cloudability has just acquired the assets of their former competitor, CloudVertical. Read More

One good acquisition deserves another: Aruba which gobbled up Meridian is in turn gobbled up by HP

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: the Meridian exit is the most underrated exit in Portland startup history. And with that info, you also have to recognize that any chance I have to refer to that positive exit, I will. Like today, when it was confirmed that HP was acquiring Aruba for around $3 billion. Read More

Yet another perk: Perka acquired by First Data for an estimated $30 million or so

If you frequent Portland coffee shops—well honestly, like some 90 establishments coffee or otherwise in the Portland area—you’ve no doubt come across Perka, the service designed to replace the loyalty punch cards in your wallet with something far more manageable: an app. Read More

Even better aggregation: TigerLogic releases new version of Postano incorporating acquired Storycode technology

In a day and age when many acquirers waste the value of acquisitions, it’s always nice to see companies actually using acquisitions to greater effect. And that’s just what TigerLogic has done with the latest version of Postano—one of the early players in the visual aggregation space—by integrating functionality from Storycode, which they acquired late last year. Read More

One’s a crowd: Portland’s Crowd Factory acquired by Marketo

You may not have heard of Crowd Factory, a Portland startup focused on social media campaign management, but I’m sure you’ve heard of their clients. They’re working with companies like HBO, Coors, Sony, PR Newswire, and Jive.

And with a list of clients like that, it isn’t surprising to report that Crowd Factory has been acquired. Read More

HomeAway adds a Second Porch … and with it Facebook powered vacation rentals

Portland based Second Porch has been doing so well, in fact, that the worldwide leader in vacation rentals just snapped them up. SecondPorch has been acquired by HomeAway.

Even in a sluggish market, the vacation rental business is booming. And Portland-based Second Porch has been at the forefront, helping Facebook users keep their vacation homes filled with renters—all by promoting their vacation homes to the people in their social graph.

Second Porch has been doing so well, in fact, that the worldwide leader in vacation rentals just snapped them up. Second Porch has been acquired by HomeAway. Read More

Survey says…! SurveyMonkey scoops up Wufoo for $35 million

SurveyMonkey acquired the AJAX-y online form goodness that is Wufoo.

SurveyMonkey—the nearly ubiquitous go-to service for online surveys—is one of those companies. You know, the ones who are quietly successful. Who don’t make much ruckus. And who—prior to its sale to a private equity consortium in April 2009—just happened to be headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

They’ve still got an office here. So when they do something, we take notice. And they did a little something today. SurveyMonkey acquired the AJAX-y online form goodness that is Wufoo. Read More

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