Portland startups get a little love: Geoloqi wins at AppNation, PHP Fog wins at Under the Radar

Oh lookie there. While I’m busy whining about Portland startups not getting the respect they deserve, what happens? Well some them go out and actually get the respect they deserve. Go figure.

That’s right. Seems that two Portland startups garnered some love and attention, this week. Location service Geoloqi won the AppNation Best New App award and PHP Fog won the Audience Choice at Under the Radar.

Whosa howsa what? Okay. Let’s step back and see who these folks are and what they’ve won.

First up, Geoloqi.

Geoloqi is a private, real-time mobile and web platform for securely sharing location data, with features such as Geonotes, proximal notification, and sharing real-time GPS maps with friends.

And they took home the Best New App at AppNation. Portlanders Matt Tucker of Jive and Scott Kveton of Urban Airship were both there. And former Portlander Di-Ann Eisnor was helping put the conference on. But what, exactly, is AppNation you ask? (That’s honestly a good question, because I’ll be damned if I could find the information on their site.)

APPNATION is all about helping you grow your business. From expert workshops on discoverability to monetization to having the opportunity to meet new partners, possible investors, and development clients, we created this show to help you build a great business in this exciting new marketplace.

So that’s Geoloqi. Boom. Winning down in San Francisco. What about PHP Fog?

PHP Fog is the best cloud hosting platform for PHP. We provide a reliable, scalable, fast PHP service using all the latest cloud technology.

Best of all, it works perfectly with all your existing PHP applications. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or even frameworks like Zend, Cake and Kohana all work seamlessly.

And they walked away as the Audience Favorite at Under the Radar. Which is?

Under The Radar is the leading business development conference that brings together early stage startups and buyers of innovative technology for one purpose: getting deals done. Attendees are responsible for leveraging innovation for competitive advantage in the fast-evolving digital landscape. Notable deals with roots at Under The Radar include the acquisitions of Heroku to Salesforce and Cloudkick to Rackspace.

And here’s the PHP Fog presentation.


Congrats to both companies. And to Portland for getting a little of the recognition it so richly deserves.

(Image courtesy Snap®. Used under Creative Commons.)

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