Three techie Portland Kickstarter projects that could use a little love… and one that’s been successfully funded

Portland loves the Kickstarter projects. And not just because Andy Baio was the CTO while he was living here. There’s simply something about the friends and family funding model that appeals to the Portland mindset.

So it should come as no surprise that there are any number of Portland projects on Kickstarter. But what may be surprising are some of the more tech oriented projects that wind up there. Here are a few of my favorites.

Fund a new season of Destination DIY


Destination DIY is a radio show and podcast that has grown up in Portland, Oregon, where it began in 2006 as a half-hour monthly show on KBOO Community Radio. In 2010, Destination DIY began airing hour-long, documentary style shows on Oregon Public Broadcasting. For these intricate, carefully crafted shows, we hired a professional engineer, paid contributors around the country to produce original work and commissioned music from local Portland composers. Most of the funding for all this came from our awesome listeners. We want to continue to create quality audio programs in 2011 and we need your help to keep the momentum flowing! To listen to the 2010 episodes, please vist our web site. You’ll hear about all kinds of innovative ideas in episodes with themes like DIY RItuals, DIY Economy, Representing Yourself and more!

For more or to back the project, visit A New Season of Destination DIY.

Help make Web design and more tangible experience

Browser Doo’s are a perfect tool to have in your design pack. They are great for rapidly exploring ideas and concepts. You can quickly place ideas up on a larger whiteboard (or other magnetic surfaces) and make connections between them to get a holistic view of what you are creating. Their size and function make them easy to take on the go, whether you are sketching at a coffee shop or visiting a client’s office. Browser Doo works well for information architecture, page layout and site mapping.

For more or to back the project, visit Browser Doo, Wet/Dry Erase Sketching Magnets.

Help TrekDek bring the world of hostels online

My goal for TrekDek is to bring the international hostel lobby online. For those of you have stayed in a hostel before, you’ve probably observed that there are always people playing cards, swapping travel stories, and sharing travel tips and advice. In my travel experience, I find that the hostel lobby is a great jumping off point for meaningful travel experiences. Sometimes other travelers will recommend you do things that aren’t in your guide book, other times you will hit it off and even travel together for a while. TrekDek encourages meaningful experiences and fond memories by motivating you to think outside the guidebook.

This one hits especially close to home because the project has been proposed by Dale Davidson, who has been helping out with guest posts on Silicon Florist. For more information or to back the project, visit TrekDek Playing Cards – Live Well, Travel Well.

Keep helping Safecast (nee RDTN.org) with their project

Don’t think Kickstarter works? Think again. Our friends over at RDTN.org—now known as Safecast—were running a project to fund the development of technology for folks in Japan to measure radiation levels. It’s important work. And people recognize that. Because even though they have a fairly substantial project amount, they’ve successfully funded the project.


Even though they’ve made their goal, you can still donate. So if you’re interested in being part of it, visit RDTN.org: Radiation Detection Hardware Network in Japan.

Think those are interesting? You should take a gander at all of the projects proposed here in town. Just visit Kickstarter Portland.

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