Take a stake in STAKE, a better business magazine for better business

It’s nice to see a renaissance of sorts in the coverage of business here in the Portland area. For so long, it was a few publications covering the tech scene and the business world. Now, we’ve got publications taking a new perspective on the Portland scene and others preparing to launch.

And if a few folks decide to back it in the next week or so, we could have another one in the mix. A full fledged business magazine that takes a new approach to assessing business: STAKE.

Stake is about the companies, people and ideas that are retaking the reins of commerce: building new business models for the people, by the people. From open source to smart cities, Stake is concerned with those unconventional companies who understand “business as usual” is unsustainable, indefensible and undesirable in all respects.

Stake is for those who believe there are better ways to build businesses, and better reasons to build them.

It’s kind of like Fast Company meets Treehugger. Or INC meets Utne Reader.

And with your help, it could become a reality. You see, they’re currently running a Kickstarter campaign to get it off the ground.

Who’s behind STAKE? Ilie Mitaru, a former writer for Oregon Business Magazine.

Ilie is a first generation Romanian, PDX native, who never thought much of starting a business. Until he (almost accidentally) started one right out of university. The years since then have been a surreal and fantastic mix of running and working in media start-ups, both locally and abroad. Ilie recently left Oregon Business Magazine to found Stake after realizing that if we expect to build a new kind of business, we desperately need a new kind of business magazine.

A professional journalist taking a new cut at business coverage? Sounds pretty interesting to me. And who knew we’d have so many startup publications coming to fruition all at once?

For more information, visit the STAKE blog, like STAKE on Facebook, or follow @StakeMagazine on Twitter. And if this sounds like something that would be interesting to you, maybe kick in a few bucks to help make this dream happen.

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  2. […] Take a stake in STAKE, a better business magazine for better business […]

  3. […] Take a stake in STAKE, a better business magazine for better business […]

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