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Two years in, Business for a Better Portland is one of the fastest growing organizations in Portland

Startup folks, am I right? They’re always thinking of creative solutions to problems. And in Portland, unlike some of our differently motivated neighbors to the south, they’re often thinking about solutions that make life better for everyone in our community. Like Business for a Better Portland. An ad hoc chamber of commerce that sprung out of a desire to inform a collaborative—rather than contentious—model of public-private partnership.

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Business for a Better Portland calls for urgent support of Prosper Portland Inclusive Business Resource Network budget

I always say that the Portland startup community is big enough to be statistically relevant, but not so large that you can’t move the needle. So the fact that our community is severely lacking in terms of diversity and inclusion presents both a problem and an opportunity for the community. Part of the solution must include ensuring that everyone has access to resources and support that give all entrepreneurs the greatest chance of success. That was the motivation behind Prosper Portland’s Inclusive Business Resource Network.

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Talking transportation: Business for a Better Portland discusses creative approaches to congestion

Historically, Portland’s transportation system and lack of congestion have served as hallmarks of effective metropolitan planning. But as an ever increasing population puts additional strain on our existing infrastructure, it’s going to take some creative approaches to resolve congestion in an affordable and equitable way. And business has a role to play. That’s why Business for a Better Portland is hosting a discussion about Portland’s transportation future.

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Talking transportation: Why Portland businesses of all sizes need to be involved in the conversation

You’ve noticed it. It’s difficult not to. As Portland has grown in popularity and population, congestion, traffic, and even crowded public transit are becoming more the norm than the exception in the City of Roses. It impacts everyone. And rising housing costs only exacerbate the problem, as the distance between work and home continues to expand. If you run a business, you’re seeing the impact from a variety of angles, from consumers to employees—especially when one of the primary hiring promises has been Portland’s “livability.”

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Prosperity for all Oregonians: Business Oregon releases five year strategic plan

If you’re interested in where the economic development dollars in Oregon are being focused, there’s a new five year strategic plan from Business Oregon that sheds some light on those activities. Thumbing through it quickly, it looks to be good news for startups in the state.

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Know an amazing founder or startup type who happens to be a woman? Please nominate her

Throughout my career, I’ve been incredibly lucky to be surrounded by amazing founders, mentors, and peers. Many of whom happened to be women. And all of whom rarely received the recognition or accolades they deserve. That’s why it’s always nice to see efforts to raise the visibility of businesswomen. Like the Portland Business Journal’s Women of Influence awards.

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Think you can manage innovation and entrepreneurship? Business Oregon wants to talk to you

Truth be told, I can’t even spell entrepreneurship. (I used spellcheck for that.) But there are many folks who can. Among them, there are even a few who understand all the ups and downs of the rollercoaster that is starting a business. And among them, are a select few who recognize and understand the potential impact government can have on startup ecosystems. And Business Oregon wants to talk to those folks.

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According to Forbes, Portland is the best place for business and careers, this year

Well, I definitely didn’t see this one coming. But thanks to the constant influx of smart and talented folks to complement all of the smart and talented folks we were already lucky enough to have around these parts, Portland is Forbes best place for business and careers, this year.

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Did you feel that? It's been a momentous run for Oregon business as of late

I don’t want to jinx anything, but… we just experienced a super interesting series of events in Oregon that felt strangely like momentum. I mean, I can’t be sure because momentum hits so rarely around here. But I’m pretty sure it was momentum. Read More

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