BankSimple banks $10 million in additional funding

It’s always nice to report on Portland funding news. This time, it’s BankSimple—whom we count as a Portland company thanks to their CTO and co-founder Alex Payne and their dev shop being located here in Portland. The company just landed an additional $10 million in financing and added Visa, Bancorp, CBW, Allpoint, and Andera to their partner list.

In addition to welcoming our infrastructure partners, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve secured $10 million in additional financing to help fund our growth. The financing was led by current investor IA Ventures and joined by our existing investors and Shasta Ventures, a firm that shares our deep passion for user experience design. This financing allows us to shift gears from building BankSimple to launching BankSimple. Our business has many moving parts and this capital allows us to scale our engineering, operations, and customer service organizations in preparation for launch.

What’s BankSimple do? Well, they’re in the midst of “reinventing personal banking.”

We believe that you deserve an alternative to antiquated technology and old ways of servicing customers. We will offer human customer service, clear and simple policies, and have no hidden fees.

Our vision is to simply put people first. Real customer service, no surprise fees, and a deep desire to help people is what makes BankSimple different.

For more information, visit BankSimple, like BankSimple on Facebook, or follow @BankSimple on Twitter.

(Hat tip Skip Newberry)

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