Clipbook is like Delicious for images

So you’ve figured out how to save Web links, tweets, videos, and other fleeting bits media that come flying across your browser day in and day out. But you’re still a bit stuck on how best to save the amazing images that you encounter via Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, and the like?

Well, not any more. Now, there’s Clipbook.

Clipbook—a project led by Portland’s Aaron Gray and Moxley Stratton—allows folks to quickly capture and tag images they like. No matter where they live on the Web.

Collect, organize & share images from the web.

  • Add images to your Clipbook with the bookmarklet (tag ’em, too!).
  • Quickly find images from the entire community of Clippers with Search.
  • Follow Clippers whose aesthetic you like. Always know when they’ve found something

I’m a huge fan of bookmarklets. (I use Camino. (The browser not the cloners.) So sue me.) And Clipbook’s bookmarklet is a simple and elegant addition to my workflow that makes it terribly simple to keep track of cool pictures upon which I stumble.

Find an awesome image? Hit the bookmarklet, select the image, and tag it. Done! Saved forever to your Clipbook account.

Very simple. Very straightforward. Very cool.

You can get started by visiting Clipbook and signing up. For more, follow @clipbookit on Twitter.

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  2. Sorry, Amber. That email address is Aaron at kokeena dot com. Typo the first time around.

  3. Hi, Amber. I’m interested to hear how you’re using Skitch and Flicker together, even if we don’t support that use case right now. If you’re interested in telling me more, you can email me at Aaron at kokena dot com.


  4. If it works, I might be able to finally switch over from Skitch+Flickr.

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  6. Thanks for the coverage, Rick. We’re very excited to be launching this first version of Clipbook, especially since people seem to like it. We’re working on lots of great stuff that’s going to make Clipbook even better, too. We’re nowhere near done.

    Thanks again,

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