Starve Ups: Is that a COO in your backpocket or are you just happy to see me?

Every startup is trying to do more with less. Well, actually, everyone is trying to do more with less. But especially startups.

That’s what makes StarveUps guest speaker Cameron Herold‘s expertise so intriguing. His premise? Efficient operations can help startups double profits and revenues—in less than three years.

Cameron will help us understand that even as a start up there are a series of hurdles we will face and milestones we will likely miss through lack of appropriate, effective and constantly improving operations. He will help us in learning how a lack of operational efficacy is one of the primary reasons that start ups don’t experience the growth and success they otherwise could. He will help us know for certain that operations impact finances, marketing, sales, customer experience and valuation. He will make us know that, “poor ops are not an option”.

Why does that name ring a bell? Well, you may remember Cameron as the guy who provided the TED talk on making kids more entrepreneurial.


And now, you can see Cameron live, talking about something he’s passionate about: fixing startups and making entrepreneurs more successful.

So join Cameron and the StarveUps folks Tuesday night at 6PM at NedSpace Downtown to hear more about Backpocket COO – How To Double Your Revenues and Profits In 3 Years Or Less.

No RSVP required. Just show up. And the first 75 people through the door will get a free copy of his book.

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  3. […] No RSVP required. Just show up. And the first 75 people through the door will get a free copy of his book. Tweet […]

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