Brad Feld wants your take on how to create a great entrepreneurial ecosystem

If there’s one startup town of which I’m consistently envious its… no not that one. It’s Boulder, Colorado. They’ve really done an amazing job of forming a community that supports and embraces the startup culture. Across the board.

And Brad Feld, Foundry Group, and TechStars have been a huge part of that.

And there are other cities and towns doing amazing things for startups, as well. Efforts from folks like the GeekWire gang and Silicon Prairie News folks and TechMN and Philly TechWeek and BostInnovation and so on and so on…

But what’s a bunch of great learning if no one captures it? Well, it’s lost wisdom. And that’s why Brad is trying to capture some of those lessons and insights with his latest book, (working title) Startup Communities: Creating A Great Entrepreneurial Ecosystem In Your City. And he wants you to join him.

Following is the current table of contents. It’s still pretty dynamic as I’m adding stuff while I’m writing. I’ve also got a bunch of guest sections coming from all over the US (I’ve got a dozen so far) so as they come in, I’m trying to fit them in (which often generates a new, or different section). If you are a leader in your entrepreneurial community and have something you want to add, email me 500 – 1000 words.

I’m looking for feedback on this table of contents. If anything jumps out at you as wrong, unclear, in the wrong place, or missing, please leave me your thoughts in the comments.

My current goal is to have a first draft ready for circulation finished by 12/31/11. I plan to have the book published and available by 2/29/12. I’m self-publishing this one so there will be no delay in getting it out. I also plan to price it low so it has the potential for broad distribution.

So here’s your chance. Got a few thoughts to share? Make sure to get them sent over to Brad before the holidays.

For more, read the blog post describing the project.

(Image courtesy Aaron Hockley. Used with permission.)

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  3. What’s a big deal to a startup? When people have heard about your company before. It’s such a big deal when you hear those words, “oh yeah, I’ve heard about you.”

    And how does the word get out about startups on a small scale? With the help of great local coverage by websites/blogs such as the siliconflorist. I check almost daily as part of my routine and I know it works. Our brief coverage on your site has brought many people to our website.

    cheers to you and other grassroot blogs!

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