Creative Market: Finally, an app store for creative assets beyond stock photography and illustration

More and more, the most creative business models are focused on, well, creatives.

Etsy has enabled a marketplace for handmade creations. Kickstarter has re-imagined the “patron and artist” relationship to fund creative endeavors. Now, Creative Market—another Portland-based project from the makers of COLOURlovers—hopes to enable to marketplace for creative assets like icons, brushes, fonts, and more.

From the creators of COLOURlovers.com, Creative Market is a new kind of marketplace for handcrafted, mousemade design content. We have a simple, but important mission: to make beautiful design simple & accessible to everyone.

Creative Market is the next piece of our mission that will help creatives easily access a wealth of beautiful design content for their projects. Whether it’s finding a unique vector pattern for a textile, the perfect font with personality for a new logo, or any other kind of digital creative content that helps you produce something amazing.

But that’s not all. As Jon Mitchell from ReadWriteWeb reveals, Creative Market also enables other applications to take advantage of the platform:

But Creative Market will also be an extensible platform. It is built on an API other sites and applications can use to integrate the store into their own services. “We’re driving in-app purchases for creative content,” Bubs says. Tired of leaving Photoshop, going to the browser, Googling for something you need, buying it and wrestling to install it? The COLOURlovers Creative Market will let you browse, buy and install new elements without leaving your workspace.

For more information, see the post from COLOURlovers, visit Creative Market, follow @crtvmrkt on Twitter, or like Creative Market on Facebook.

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