Mutual admiration society: Portland is the featured city on the Instagram blog

If I said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. Portland loves it some Instagram. So much so that I would venture a guess that we have more Instagram users per capita than any city in the world. I mean, it’s probably installed on every single iPhone in town. Bar none.

Well now, Instagram is returning the love by featuring Portland Instagrammers on its blog.

What makes Portland unique: We have a lot of very quirky, tech-savvy people willing to dive into new apps and new tools. Nothing is off limits. I think part of it is that with all the misty rain, we tend to spend a good amount of time in coffee shops huddled over our iPhones for warmth. Also in general, the populace here is extremely quirky, as the documentary series, Portlandia, illustrates. (What’s that you say? It’s fiction? Oh.) Anyway, that makes for excellent street photography.

All this is combined with the absolutely stunning beauty of the area. Not only is the city itself so lovely, nestled up against rolling, forested hills along two major rivers, but also it is a short distance to giant, ice-covered volcanoes or the beach or excellent wineries or rain forests. All sorts of weird animals and plants grow here too. I suppose all the misty rain produces oddities.

For more, read the blog post, InstaCity: Portland. And if you’re the one person in Portland who doesn’t have the app on your iPhone, please feel free to download Instagram from the app store before someone notices.

(Hat tip @ahockley)