Portland side projects Gramfeed and Vizify Tweetsheet get a little love from CNN

If you look really closely at a recent CNN post entitled “50 new tech tools you should know about,” you’ll see a little glimmer of Portland in there. No, not there. Right there.

Yep, Portland’s Gramfeed gets a mention. And Vizify gets a nod in that list of 50 for their work on Tweetsheet. Right there among the likes of Card Munch, Hipmunk, and Path, to name a few.

GramFeed (free): Instagram has put all of its eggs in the mobile basket. But some Instragram fanatics want to see images on something larger than a smartphone screen. GramFeed is the closest thing I’ve seen to a Google search experience for those gorgeous filtered Instagram pics.

Tweetsheet (free): This very cool Web tool from Vizify pulls together an instant infographic of your personal Twitter universe: retweet info, geographic impact, best followers, a word cloud of your tweets and more.

For the other 48, read 50 new tech tools you should know about.

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