Interested in tracking AngelList activity for early stage Portland startups?

If you’re in an early stage startup, you’ve probably heard of AngelList. If you haven’t, you should check it out. It’s the best way for early stage companies to get in front of early stage investors. In a way that makes it both comfortable and natural for both parties.

Well, now, Angel List has released an API. And that means that whether you’re a member of the AngelList community or not, you can keep an eye on Portland startups.

The reasoning behind this tool? Here’s the gist of Startup Data Trends:

Our hope is that startupdatatrends.com will help foster a discussion about market transparency in some traditionally hidden areas (round size and price) and create a new view for the AL platform that is less about social proof and more about market + product. While imperfect and simplistic, the location and market data does take a small step forward towards understanding what an early round of financing may look like based on recent data. The thought, planning and strategy that can come from that will hopefully help people raise their own bar and make those initial discussions with investors a little easier.

To get to mucking with the data yourself, visit Startup Data Trends.

(Hat tip Mat Ellis)