Node.js unicorns and battle bots at NodePDX

In just a two weeks, Portland will be hosting NodePDX—a software conference for the Node.js community.

Over the last few months there have been major releases, advances, and products delivered around Node.js. From increased support across dozens of platforms, integration into PaaS… even full Windows Server and Windows Azure support from our noodly masters up north, Microsoft.

With all these advances there have been a number of conferences that have sprung up such as Node Summit and NodeConf which provide businesses, enterprises and other entities the chance to discover what Node.js is all about.

NodePDX, however, is focused almost solely on the developer. We’re focused on technology first. Of course business interest is invaluable but we there are products to build, code to write and services to run—so we’ve put together a conference here in Portland for just that.

NodePDX is an independent grassroots technology conference for the Portland Node.js and Javascript communities. The two-day conference will bring together local professionals from the Portland/Pacific Northwest area who are working with Node.js and Javascript to create highly-scalable, bleeding-edge internet/web-based applications.

This conference will be focused on technology and software development (as opposed to business/product development) and will draw an audience of extremely talented engineers who are passionate about pushing forward the latest and greatest advancements in web application development, cloud computing and a variety of related technologies.

So get your code on and come join in this February 11th and 12th for code, demoes, presentations, and battle bots!

For more information, visit NodePDX or RSVP on Lanyrd.

[Editor: Thanks to Adron Hall for writing this up!]