Coder Society: Getting developers together to build something

Portland has no shortage of user groups. But for the most part, they’re language and technology specific. What about a group for folks who like to code, regardless of their chosen technology?

Enter Coder Society, a new Google Group (and apparently soon-to-be more) for people who think of themselves as “coders.”

Whatever the case, they’re looking for people interested in doing more than talking.

[C]oding, implementing, developing, full cycle processes, lean techniques, or what have you. It is about learning better and new ways to create, build, and implement technologies. The group will bat around a few ideas each month, on the topic of choice and then we’ll gather on a set date, with a set goal of what to achieve and achieve that goal.

The idea is to get together for an evening (let’s say noon to 6pm, monthly) and fully implement the technology to achieve a predefined goal. The goal we’d determine on this group Coder Society.

For more information or to get involved, visit Coder Society

(Image courtesy Jarkko Laine. Used under Creative Commons.)