Soon, they may call Portland “the big Apple”: New Apple store plans make PDX home to the largest retail space

Now, it’s no secret that Apple has done a heck of a job of dominating the world of tech. Last I checked, they were worth more than Portland. Oh wait. I mean, Poland. Or something.

But here in Portland? The stores—while providing plenty of MacBook-ish, iPad-ish, and iPhone-y magic to our residents—were always a tad cramped and overrun. Well, hold on to your hats true believers, because all of that may be about to change.

According to ifo Apple Store (and echoed by The Oregonian), Portland may be in for a big bite of Apple:

Apple’s architects have completed the designs for a spectacular store in downtown Portland (Ore.) and have submitted plans to the city showing a block-long glass storefront with three entrances, set behind a public plaza with stone steps. The unique store design would advance Apple’s presence in the city, but more significantly would push Apple’s architectural portfolio into new territory. If the store design, demolition and construction are approved for Yamhill Street between 4th and 5th Avenues at Pioneer Place shopping center, it would replace the existing Apple store now hidden away in the basement of the same building as the proposed store. Apple’s architects submitted a formal Design Advice Request on February 17th outlining its proposal, and the city has just invited public comments on the project. In 2005 Apple proposed a street-level store on Portland’s 23rd Avenue, but city officials criticized the design and the company eventually dropped the plans.

Currently, the widest storefront is George Street (Sydney) at 120 feet. This proposed store would be 45 feet wider than that. The elevation drawing shows that the storefront is composed of 22 glass panels, each 17½ feet tall and 7½ feet wide.

Could it be? Could the most over iSaturated, fanboy and fangirl Apple sanctuary north of Cupertino finally be getting its due? Well, we could. If the public has its say.

The design review of the Pioneer Place project is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 15 at 1900 S.W. Fourth Ave., Ste. 2500A.

So there you go, Apple faithful. Mark your calendars. And plan to attend.

  1. Think this thing will get Occupied? I would imagine they would dig a chance to shut down something this big.

  2. @ Joshua I meant northerer

  3. San Francisco might possibly be a bigger Apple sanctuary north of Cupertino.

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