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It seemed too soon for a punny hacking virus headline: COVID-19 Global Hackathon

Used to be, Portland had tons of hackathon opportunities. So many, that we kind of hacked ourselves out. And people found other ways to stimulate their creativity and occupy their time. But we have this latent hackathon potential. And a whole bunch of new folks in the ecosystem. So this seems like a really interesting and meaningful way to test the waters. There’s a COVID-19 Global Hackathon.

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Interested in hardware hacking? You might need a little Teardown

It’s true that the Portland startup community is experiencing a bit of a hardware renaissance, but fact of the matter is, there’s been a strong and consistent undercurrent of that startup activity for years. A no one has been a more ardent champion of that activity than Portland startup Crowd Supply. So it only makes sense that they would be behind the effort to get that community together. Meet Teardown.

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When the weather outside is frightful, hacking can be quite delightful: HackPDX Winter Hackathon

While the holidays can be a busy time with family, friends, and gatherings, it’s also a great time to spend time inside. Where it’s warm. And where better to spend that time than hacking with your peers? Nowhere, I say. That’s why I’m happy to see the HackPDX folks bringing everyone together. Read More

Hoping for some hardware hacking? Get ready to be happy

While Portland is more readily associated with hipsters, we’ve got our fair share of hackers, as well. And hardware hackers, at that. That’s why it makes perfect sense that we’re a stop on Hackster Hardware Weekend Portland, this weekend. And if you’re into hacking hardware, you won’t want to miss it. Read More

Whatcha doing this weekend? That's right. Hacking at Product Hunt Hackathon Portland.

Portland loves its hackathons. Hack hack hackity hack. So it’s always nice to see new ones springing up to provide a great excuse to get together and get creative with your peers. That’s why I’m happy to share that Portland folks will be hosting a hackathon this weekend to coincide with other Product Hunt—the new hotness for finding interesting new products—hackathons happening all over. Read More

Hacking for the greater good: HackPDX(schools) takes place August 30

It’s not secret. Portland likes its hacking. It’s often focused on specific languages or technologies. But every once in a while, there’s a great opportunity to do some hacking for the betterment of our schools and towns. Such is the case with HackPDX(schools), this Saturday. Read More

You've been invited to hang out at the White House this weekend. Sort of: National Day of Civic Hacking Portland

The weather may be nice this weekend. But quite honestly, you’ve got a higher calling. It’s the National Day of Civic Hacking, a day when a bunch of different communities band together to use their hacking powers for good. And being the type of hacker town it is, Portland has its own gathering. Read More

Not exactly the Portland hardware renaissance for which we were hoping

Portland has always boasted a diverse group of hackers in town—hardware hackers among them. And with the growing interest, affordability, and accessibility to hardware, I’m convinced that we’re poised to see hardware go through a bit of a renaissance. Read More

More Portland resources for learning to code: Portland Code School and Code Scouts

It’s no secret that it’s a good time to be a coder. Everyone with the semblance of an idea, an early stage startup, or a going concern is looking to hire talented developers. So that talent is in short supply. Very short supply.

But there is hope. Read More

If you're not with the things, you're against the things: Join Thing Tuesday and work with the Internet of Things

The “Internet of Things“—the idea that objects can interact with the Internet—is a term bandied about with increasing frequency. But for somewhere as geeky as Portland, there hasn’t been a collective presence of folks to muck with the concept. Until now. Read More

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