Can you quantify that? Then maybe you should attend the Quantified Self Show & Tell

In a day and age of Foursquare checkins, Nike+ FuelBands, and wifi-enabled scales, we’re all spending more and more time tracking and recording our activities. But what to do with all of that data?

That’s what the folks behind the Quantified Self movement are asking. And on Tuesday, they’ll be swinging by Portland to chat about it.

Please join us for a night of conversation on self tracking and monitoring where you share ideas, tools and experiments with the Portland Quantified Self community. Gary Wolf, the co-founder of Quantified Self and Ernesto Ramirez, Community Organizer for Quantified Self, are also joining us for this evening.

If you are self tracking in any way — life logging, biometrics, athletic performance, mood, sleep, medical symptoms, happiness, energy etc… come and share your methods, results and insight


The event will be held at Wieden+Kennedy, beginning at 6PM, Tuesday, April 10. For more information or to RSVP, please visit the Quantified Self Meetup group. For more on measurement tools and techniques, visit Quantified Self.

  1. Rick, thanks for the shout out about our budding local QS group. I think technology that helps us understand our bodies and minds can hold a new key to better health and happiness. And — it’s one great big wide open area for innovation and startups. See you tomorrow evening.

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