Catching up with a smattering of awesome Portland startups

You know me. I like to focus on the tech startups. And every once in awhile, a Kickstarter project that has some tangential tech angle.

But those aren’t the only awesome startups in Portland. Oh no, my friend. There’s a whole bunch of interesting startup activity in the Rose City.

And now, the Portland Development Commission (PDC) has taken the time to round a variety of those folks up to showcase what’s going on here.

So grab a beverage. Kick back. And spent a few minutes with some of the interesting startups here in Portland.

Oh. And as you can see from the still, you can skip the last bit. You get to hear me blather on and on enough as it is.

(Image courtesy Greg Dawson. Used under Creative Commons.)

  1. It’s actually part of a mind-control experiment I’m running. Look at the shirt. Take a deep breath.

  2. woah…. your shirt is psychedelic….

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