Joe Stump and move to Portland

I’ve been a little tardy on posting this news. But today seemed like a good day to do it., the company cofounded by Joe Stump—which he joined full-time following the acquisition of SimpleGeo by Urban Airship—is now calling Portland home.

Much like having Andy Baio, Alex Payne, and Ryan Carson relocating here, having Joe around is yet another feather in the Portland startup scene’s cap. Or rose in the lapel, as it were. In addition to confounding SimpleGeo, he was the lead architect at Digg. And he helped cofound, as well as cofounding

What’s I’ll let them tell. So you can get to know your new neighbors.


For more, visit And if you’re not reading Joe’s blog, do yourself a favor and start. And follow @joestump on Twitter, too.

  1. […] The Portland startup scene always likes it when known entities choose to call our city home for their newest endeavors. So was the case when Joe Stump—of Digg and SimpleGeo fame—announced he was relocating to Portland and bringing his new effort, Sprintly, along. […]

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