Like: ShopIgniter, Crowd Factory, Webtrends, and Woobox are now Facebook Preferred Marketing Developers

As the masses salivate over the potential of May 17 IPO, Facebook has beefed up its Preferred Marketing Developer Program, highlighting their anointed marketing partners. And among the 232 chosen? There are four Portland-area companies. ShopIgniter, Crowd Factory (which just yesterday announced their acquisition by Marketo), Webtrends, and Woobox.

According to Inside Facebook and TechCrunch, it’s designed to help with discoverability and to help mitigate less than savory attempts to profit off of Facebook:

The PMD program combines the Preferred Developer Consultant and Marketing API programs to create a unified certification process for companies that build marketing tools on top of the Facebook platform. Partners will receive badges based on their qualifications in page management tools, ad management tools, app development and insights products.

This change will help brands, agencies and others navigate the growing ecosystem of companies selling software and services related to Facebook marketing.

And of all the companies in the world to be accepted, four Portland area companies are among them.

“Facebook technology, and especially social commerce, moves very, very quickly. Having access to the Facebook PMD program puts us at the forefront of innovation in this sector,” said Matt Compton, CEO, ShopIgniter, in a press release. “We are focused on delivering the industry’s most advanced social commerce tools and ensuring that our customers have immediate access to the latest Facebook features and functionality.”

“This is a tremendous acknowledgement from Facebook. As social marketing evolves, we are thrilled to be at the forefront, working together with Facebook to offer the best API solutions to help companies of all sizes develop cutting edge social campaign strategies, and then enable them to execute and measure the results of their investments,” said Sanjay Dholakia, CEO of Crowd Factory, in a press release.

“We’re delighted to expand our participation in Facebook’s prestigious Preferred Marketing Developer Program,” said Hope Frank, CMO, Webtrends, in a press release. “This designation honors Webtrends’ innovation and excellence in social marketing. We look forward to continuing to grow as a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer and to create a range of must-have products for the savvy social marketer.”

“This is a fantastic opportunity for both Woobox and our customers, and we are very excited to be named a Preferred Marketing Developer,” said George DeCarlo, founder and CEO of Woobox, in a press release. “The additional resources available to us as a PMD will allow us to continue to focus on innovative development; so we can continue to provide Woobox users with the best possible tools for social promotions that engage with and grow their fanbase.”

For more information on the program, read the Facebook post. For more on what this means to those selected, read ShopIngiter’s press release, Crowd Factory’s release, Webtrends’ press release, and the Woobox release (PDF).

  1. Updated to add Crowd Factory

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