When you code, Portland, Code for America and Reboot Democracy

We here in Portland love a good cause. And a good hackathon. So when it comes to a hackathon for a good cause? Oh my. It’s perfect.

And here’s the perfect opportunity: Code for America is hosting a Reboot Democracy Hackathon, this Sunday.

What’s Code for America, you ask? It’s an organization designed to help municipal governments get more out of their data—by opening up that data to the development community. Kind of like Portland has.

Code for America enlists the talent of the web industry into public service to use their skills to solve core problems facing our communities. We help passionate technologists leverage the power of the internet to make governments more open and efficient, and become civic leaders able to realize transformational change with technology.

Speaking of Portland data, one of Portland’s favorite civic hackers, Max Ogden, will be in town for the event. As will a number of other Code for America Fellows.

At a civic hackathon, people who know and love technology (software developers, designers, entrepreneurs, etc.) come together with people who know and love urban issues (city staff, local organizations, community members and leaders) to use technology and their collective skills to build solutions that matters to our city, and other cities too.

There’s food, smart people, and networking opportunities. It’s an opportunity to make a difference with skills you know, hone some you’ve forgotten, and maybe even acquire some new ones.

But wait… there’s more. This civic hackathon will also be an opportunity to christen Geoloqi‘s new office space.

Sound interesting? You’re darn tootin’. So use your coding super powers for good this weekend. RSVP and getting to coding. For America.

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