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When you code, Portland, Code for America and Reboot Democracy

We here in Portland love a good cause. And a good hackathon. So when it comes to a hackathon for a good cause? Oh my. It’s perfect.

And here’s the perfect opportunity: Code for America is hosting a Reboot Democracy Hackathon, this Sunday. Read More

Data, Culture, Networks, People: Learnings from Etsy, Code for America, and Y Combinator

Portland is lucky to have a bunch of awesome people swinging through all throughout the year. And every once in a while, we’re lucky enough to get one of them to hang out and chat about their experiences.

This time it’s Paul deGrandis, who’s going to share his thoughts on Data, Culture, Networks, People, this Tuesday, February 21, at 6PM. Read More

Code for a Better World: How Nike went from flirting with the idea of open data to creating a fellowship with Code for America

This is the story of Nike, open data, and Code for a Better World Fellowship. I’m telling it in hopes that more people—and hopefully better storytellers—will start talking about it.

Portland is an amazing place. A small town of sorts. Where interesting things manage to happen because of the connections, the openness, and the passion for collaboration that exists here. But that’s not always obvious. So I wanted to try to make it a little more obvious by sharing one such experience.

It’s a story about how some of the Portland tech community and sustainability community recently had the opportunity to collaborate with one of the largest businesses in the world and one of the most successful private advertising agencies in the world—all in the name of openness and open data. Read More

Max Ogden of CivicApps PDX API fame garners Code for America fellowship

Max Ogden, creator of PDX API, was just awarded a fellowship by Code for America, an organization that connects city governments and Web 2.0 talent.

Remember the CivicApps contest? Of course you do. Who am I kidding?

Well one of the most valuable things to come out of that contest was PDX API, a way of making sense of all of the data sets offered up by the City of Portland. So valuable, in fact, that Max Ogden, creator of PDX API, was just awarded a fellowship by Code for America, an organization that connects “city governments and Web 2.0 talent.” Read More

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