The best gets even better… or Best-er or whatever: MetaFilter launches “Best of MetaFilter”

You may not realize it but Portland—or sort of near Portland—is home to the founder of MetaFilter, arguably the first major blog, ever. So whenever they do something, I take notice.

And what would make MetaFilter better? Something that made it easier to get the best content faster. And that’s just what they’ve done. Introducing the Best Of MetaFilter blog.

So it’s a blog about a blog. Or a filter for MetaFilter.

Um. That’s meta meta meta meta… Well, suffice it to say that that’s so meta my brain just asploded.


For the past couple of weeks we’ve been working on this new Best Of blog for MetaFilter. Jessamyn has been doing a great job posting bits to our sideblog for several years and our favorite posts frequently show up in the podcast (and there’s also the Popular page based on user favorites), but I realized hiding little one-sentence posts halfway down the front page of MetaFilter in a tiny sidebar wasn’t doing them justice. It seems these days someone involved in a story or highly knowledgeable about a MeFi post or Ask MeFi question pops in to leave some incredible information and I’ve always wanted a place to better highlight those kinds of things and this is it.

For more, visit the Best Of MetaFilter.