Four day work week? Something tells me Treehouse is going to fit right in

Last week, Treehouse announced that they had landed $4.75 million in funding and revealed that they were relocating their corporate headquarters to Portland.

That was big news, last week. This week? It’s that Treehouse has built a successful business working a four day week.

We work a 4-day week (M-Th, 9-6) because we think that information work isn’t like manufacturing. Another hour at the MacBook won’t yield another $1,000 in profit. We believe that smart folks can get five days of work done in four days. Simple as that.

So if we can achieve profitability, grow quickly and raise large amounts of capital, all while working 4-days a week, shouldn’t you consider it at your startup?

Seems like Treehouse is going to fit in just fine. And teach us a thing or two. And that’s a very good thing.

For more, see Ryan Carson’s post on the benefits or working a four day week.

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