With your help, the hottest startup at Under the Radar could be a Portland company

You know I constantly crow about how awesome Portland startups are. But now, some of our startups have a chance to be recognized on a much bigger stage.

Under the Radar—a conference that features up and coming startups—has selected three Portland companies as part of VentureBeat’s “Hottest startups at Under the Radar.”

And your vote could put one of those companies over the top.

So who’s in the running? Well, Puppet Labs is running in the distance of the three. And AppFog stands a very real chance of winning the whole thing, as they’re running neck and neck with some other company for the lead.

But Cloudability? (Get ready for the guilt trip.) They’re going to be firing people if they lose.


So there you have it. Three Portland companies from which to choose. Two with a real chance of winning the prize. And one ruthless enough to threaten you.

Take a few moments and vote for your favorite Portland startup, Puppet, Cloudability, or AppFog. Please act quickly. Voting ends on April 26.

And what’s his name from Cloudability thanks you.

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