TechCrunch has a Portland outpost

File under “better late than never.”

I just realized that, earlier this month, Frederic Lardinois—an awesome tech blogger with whom I had the pleasure of working during a short stint at ReadWriteWeb—has joined the ranks of TechCrunch. Frederic lives Portland.

I haven’t really got much more than that. And I know opinions on TechCrunch run hot and cold. But it’s nice to have a talented blogger from the Portland area joining the ranks of an internationally recognized blog.

And in case you didn’t know, Portland’s Marshall Kirkpatrick—whom both Frederic and I worked for at RWW—was the lead blogger at TechCrunch. Back in the day.

Congrats to a former coworker on an awesome new gig. And best of luck. Just keep doing what you’re doing. And breaking news.

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