Which Oregon colleges are churning out startup founders? AngelList knows

Remember back when we ran that survey of the schools that had the most impact on the Portland startup scene? Well, now there’s something a little more empirical.

AngelList—arguably the best thing going for early stage startups seeking funding—has released lists of colleges and universities that appear in founder profiles. How did Oregon schools fare?

In descending order of current impact (ranked by number of startups):

  1. Oregon (22)
  2. Reed (9)
  3. Oregon State (5)
  4. Portland State University (4)
  5. University of Portland (3)
  6. Linfield (2)
  7. Eastern Oregon (1)
  8. Lewis & Clark (1)
  9. Western Oregon (1)
  10. Willamette (1)

For the entire list, visit AngelList college lists.

  1. Ducks win. Again.

  2. Gary Elllingson April 30, 2012 at 9:32 am

    Scott Kveton, Urban Airship is an OSU grad…

  3. Don, You should add your profile to AngelList so that those schools get the tally 😉

  4. Do bootstrapped startup social media agencies count? If so, add another one to University of Oregon & Southern Oregon University! Thanks for keepin’ the scene alive!

  5. Alas, Rick — just one from Whitman.

  6. surprising that the predominate engineer school (OSU) doesn’t account for more founders.

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