Portland Startup Weekend: Bigger, better, and more diverse

It was another amazing weekend for the Portland Startup Weekend crew. And this time around? It was more diverse than ever. More than 133 entrepreneurs saw 71 pitches at the beginning of the weekend; 12% of the folks were women, 30% of the teams were led by women, and there were two 15 year olds pitching.

After the initial pitches, the teams were:

But who walked away the big winner? ShopMyPins, a service that makes it easier to buy things that people have pinned on Pinterest.

Hashtags: #portland #startups #pdsw

  1. […] from pure frustration over not being able to locate an adorable pair of pink heels, Portland Startup Weekend winner, Vanessa Van Edwards nailed the missing link on Pinterest (pun intended) with her creation […]

  2. Between the teams and individuals, we gave out about $7,000 worth of prizes. Including an iPad and Infocus projector.

  3. I think the winning team got an inFocus projector and three months of office space at PSBA. There were also prizes for individuals and categories.

  4. What do the winners get here?

    Also, did you ever consider putting disqus here instead?

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