Portland to Seattle with wifi, power outlets, and legroom? I’d buy that for a dollar

Portland and Seattle, while similar and complementary, are usually just far enough away from one another to make it a pain in the ass to get between the two towns. But that may be changing. At a price startups can afford—with amenities to boot.

Introducing BoltBus.

BoltBus strives to provide a safe, non-stop; premium-level bus service between major cities with fares as low as $1.

BoltBus launched its premium brand of service in 2008 servicing the Northeastern portion of the United States and is excited to bring our brand of service and operational standards to the Pacific Northwest. Our service in Washington, Oregon and British Columbia is exclusively owned and operated by Greyhound Lines Inc.

Brand new buses, reserved seats, legroom, wifi, and outlets. That’s pretty awesome.

Portland to Seattle service starts in mid May.

For more information, visit BoltBus or follow @boltbus on Twitter.

(Hat tip @DaveKnowsPDX)


  1. Heard about the “special” running the next 2 weeks, not sure what the deal is because special or not…I was just hoping to book. I selected miscellaneous dates from now until Dec however the comment shows “your selection is not available. The comment indicates they keep schedules posted up to and around 4-6 weeks. Not favorable when my first attempt is to try and book, even at $10-30 dollars. Any advice??? LOVE THE IDEA OF LOCAL TRANSPORTATION TO AND FROM NW 🙂

  2. Hopefully the wifi is better than Amtrak. My last (and only trip) to Seattle on Amatrak had such a bad internet connection, I might as well of not had it at all.

  3. awesome news, however, one could argue this is long overdue. as far as technology has come I am continuously amazed at just how far some services are behind. why do we not have wifi on all trains and buses? I would pay extra for it on a given ticket.

  4. I’ll definitely be using this service. The WIFI availability alone makes it worth the trip.

  5. Dude, this is awesome! I loved them between DC/NYC.

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