Emoome: Are you trying to get all emotional on me?

In a day and age where we can track where we’ve been, who we’ve seen, and what we’ve done with excruciating granularity, there seems to be a big gap in logging those experience: how did we feel about it.

Well, Portland’s Brennan Novak is working to fix that. With Emoome.

“Language is so nebulous,” Brennan told Jon Mitchell at ReadWriteWeb. “Symbols can be interpreted so vastly differently.”

So Emoome asks users to feed it words and feelings, and it turns those into emotional maps they can use to understand themselves better. Eventually, Emoome will let us share, compare and understand each other’s emotional profiles.

The site is addictive. And the visualizations are beautiful, even in this early iteration.

Personally, I’m reminded of a tool I used to use back in the dot com days called Moodstats. Which was a beautiful little pixelated app created by the folks at Cuban Council to help folks track their emotions.

I’ve missed that app. And that’s why I’m really happy to see Brennan picking up the baton.

To try the service for yourself, visit Emoome. For more information, read the RWW write up.

Speaking of Cuban Council…

Tangential but related… Did you know that Cuban Council—who you gray hairs may remember for their design site Kaliber10000 (k10k.net) back in the day—has a Portland office? It’s true.

And they also did the creative for ShopIgniter’s new identity and site.

(Hat tip @marshallk)

Hashtags: #portland #pdx #emotions #k10k #cubancouncil #shopigniter

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