Bend startup accelerator VentureBox graduates first class

One of the first accelerators to join the statewide bootcamp program was a new accelerator out of Bend called VentureBox.

Well, three months tends to fly by. And now, VentureBox has graduated its first class.

What’s VentureBox’s focus, you ask?

VentureBox supports our entrepreneurs with a top quality program curriculum based on best practices from the world’s leading startup programs. Fundamental to our vision are the principles of the “Lean Startup Process” originally conceptualized by Steven Blank serial entrepreneur and award winning professor at Stanford University, these principles form the foundation upon which all of the VentureBox’ contributions are built. Working with Luxr Inc in San Francisco, VentureBox has developed a Lean Startup curriculum that helps startups effectively structure, plan, develop and launch their businesses with agility and customer centered design.

So who made it through the gauntlet? Six new companies are now part of the Bend startup scene.


CiviData maintains a rapidly expanding collection of local government and publicly regulated enterprise data. Initial data includes various utility rate schedules, and related information of hundreds of utility systems operated by municipalities and special districts throughout the United States.


JettStream minimizes asthma attacks and ER visits for children by providing a superior delivery system for nebulized medication. In addition, JettStream provides an educational system for parents and pediatricians treating childhood asthma.

Pocket Bounty

Schools fundraise with low effort. Parents get deals while they fundraise. And businesses get the right type of customers while contributing to local schools.

Finally, a fundraiser for the 21st century.

The Social Business

The Social Business is an organization that helps small businesses adapt to a fundamental change in customer communication that has emerged through the social web. With over 25 years of collective experience in marketing, web design, product strategy and management, we have developed a blueprint for organizations to embrace the new ways customers are engaging with their business and a set of tools and techniques to ensure growth and success.


At Vizme we focus on engagement. It’s too easy to make bad websites, blog, and social media pages and too difficult to make great ones. We’ve set out to change that by creating the Vizme platform, which anyone can use to enhance their websites, blogs, social media pages, and soon mobile apps as well. Whomever your audience, Vizme will help you create the kind of engaging digital experiences that get you noticed.


ziPede helps moms, dads and doctors take care of kids, better. A new web based communication tool. Better visits = Better care.

For more information, visit VentureBox.

  1. Bend really is a place that incubates innovation. I’m very proud of the people at JettStream.

  2. I love the vision and creativity of the Bend Community. Hopefully you can create some great ventures and develop mutually beneficial partnerships in technology.

  3. Bend is a rad town, I’m glad they’ve got residents enthusiastic enough about technology to start this incubator.

    Also glad to see Vizme in the inaugural class! Looking forward to seeing big things happen here in Eugene.

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