Send me an Angel: Oregon Angel Fund applications close May 22

So you’ve convinced friends and family to invest. You’ve had an Angel or two contribute to your efforts. And you’re driving a little revenue. What next?

Well, Oregon Angel Fund could be just the thing your startup needs. And they just so happen to be taking applications.

The online application draws from an executive summary to highlight the most important details about the business in a straightforward manner. Entrepreneurs post additional supporting documents; an executive summary or short business plan is required. They may revise and add documents at any time during the review and due diligence process. Useful documents include, but are not limited to: the full business plan, a financial plan, investor and customer presentations, term sheets, investment subscription docs, company updates, customer letters, and anything else that may aid OAF members in their due diligence.

Who has benefitted from OAF? Well, local startup favorites Meridian and CrowdCompass are among the most recent companies to received investment from OAF.

Your company could be next. But you can begin the process if you don’t apply. And you better hurry. You’ve only got a few days left. Applications are due by May 22.

For more information or to apply for the next round, visit the Oregon Angel Fund.

  1. Scott Sandler May 21, 2012 at 5:07 pm

    Rick, thanks for posting this. I’d like to add that OAF accepts applications throughout the year, so if companies don’t apply now, they can aim for the deadlines July 10, Aug 28, Oct 9, and Nov 13.

    John, I’d love to hear directly from you to find out why you feel OAF is not worth entrepreneurs’ time.

  2. As an member of the Meridian team, I can safely say our experience with Oregon Angel Fund has been awesome. Not only did they match us up with terrific board members, but we’ve enjoyed working with the whole collective. And it’s been personally enriching collaborating with investors who are local.

  3. Save your money and look elsewhere for funding

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