Good code can make everything better: Hack for Portland Schools

As good weather approaches, most folks are looking to forget about school for a little while. But some folks are ready to do what they can to develop some solutions for the Portland school system. Because if anyone could use the help, it’s our schools.

Introducing the Hack for Portland Schools.

85% of people in central Portland have no children of school age. This means that the majority has no natural connection with the school system. We want to make it easier for that 85% to support Portland’s public schools, and this event is the first stage…by appealing to the developer and design community to lend us their talent for one day to build on some of the ideas. And to invent new ones.

Our research with schools and supporting organizations showed that a few simple things – books, food, clothing and people’s time – could make a big difference to students. We also learnt that there are many organizations in Portland that are set up to support schools in these ways. We want to build a tool that makes it easy to find these organizations, and to give resources to them.

With great power comes great responsibility. So why not use your coding power for good? Join the Portland Mayor’s office, Wieden+Kennedy, GOOD, PIE, and your peers on June 2, beginning at 10AM. You’ll get the day to hack something together for the betterment of Portland schools. And then you’ll get to present your creation.

The best ideas may even find life beyond Portland. They’ll be shared with the Personal Democracy Forum in New York City the following week.

For more information, visit Hack for Portland Schools or see the event on Calagator.

  1. Great concept! I think even better would be to volunteer to tutor in reading and math. Using your own education to help pull up those who are falling behind does a lot to increase the number of graduates.

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