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Celebrate Women Who Code Portland

Part of why I continue to annoy you with my awful grammar is that I always love being along for the journey with so many people, companies, and events. And Women Who Code Portland is no different. It’s hard to believe it’s already been three years. It’s also hard to imagine the Portland startup community without this amazing group.

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Interested in learning to code? Seattle's Code Fellows opens a Portland school

It makes sense. As the cry of “We need more talent!” gets louder and louder, many groups are stepping up to fill that gap. And to help teach people to code. The latest addition to Portland is Code Fellows, a coding school headquartered in Seattle that has recently expanded to the Rose City. Read More

Visualize this: Portland Code School adds data visualization track

As we create more and more data, stuff gets more and more interesting. But it also gets pretty convoluted and confusing. That’s why practices like data visualization are gaining more and more traction in the industry. But how do you learn this dark art? Well, Portland Code School is working to help you do just that. Read More

Want more developers? You have to inspire them early. Hour of Code is here to help.

You can’t read a tech blog these days without someone bemoaning the dearth of development talent hamstringing startups and major corporations alike. And the problem isn’t getting any better. If anything, it will continue to get worse. But there’s something you can do to help. By encouraging kids to try coding. And that’s where the Hour of Code during Computer Science Education Week comes in. Read More

More Portland resources for learning to code: Portland Code School and Code Scouts

It’s no secret that it’s a good time to be a coder. Everyone with the semblance of an idea, an early stage startup, or a going concern is looking to hire talented developers. So that talent is in short supply. Very short supply.

But there is hope. Read More

Get your geek on this weekend: CyborgCamp Portland and CodeDay Portland

Looking to get a little geeky this weekend? There are a couple of great opportunities. One for technologically augmented humans and one for students looking to get a little more technical. CyborgCamp Portland and CodeDay Portland. Read More

June 2 is crazy. Crazy awesome that is: Hack for Portland Schools, Portland Code Camp, and VibrantData PDX Hackathon

It’s been a while since we’ve had a pile up of amazing events all in one day. And even though it makes for a difficult decisions, it’s nice to see the level of activity.

So what are you doing on June 2? Attending Hack for Portland Schools, headed to Portland Code Camp, or joining the VibrantData PDX Hackathon? Read More

Good code can make everything better: Hack for Portland Schools

As good weather approaches, most folks are looking to forget about school for a little while. But some folks are ready to do what they can to develop some solutions for the Portland school system. Because if anyone could use the help, it’s our schools.

Introducing the Hack for Portland Schools. Read More

Like to code? Like to talk about code? Submit a proposal to speak at Portland Code Camp 2012

Sometimes, coding can be a bit of a solitary existence. That’s why we’ve got IRC and whatnot.

But sharing your knowledge with other developers in person can be incredibly powerful. And that’s why we have events like Code Camp Portland. Where you’re going to speak, right? Read More

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