I like turtles: Portland’s quintessential contribution to the world of memes turns five

It was a simpler time on the Internet. In 2007, most social activity occurred on MySpace and LiveJournal. Current rapid sharing juggernauts Facebook and Twitter were nascent tools used by the few. And yet, one nervous Portland boy managed to spark a meme that would set the standard for many memes to come.

“I like turtles,” he blurted out in a now famous non sequitur to a KGW reporter’s question. And the rest is history.

The odd response on live television launched any number of remixes, adaptations, and, yes, even tshirts. And all at a time when sharing things socially wasn’t really quite as easy as it was today.

Five years later? The original YouTube video is hovering around 35 million views. Again, not earth shattering by today’s standards. But we have to respect our meme-tastic past. And, honestly, what better place for odd turtle-liking zombie boys, than Portland? None my friend.

Happy Birthday, I like turtles. And thank you Zombie Jonathan for your contribution to the history of the Web.

  1. An oldie but a goodie, no doubt 😉

  2. Dude. I am watching this every morning before my meditation, I can’t stop laughing. thx a load : )


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