Portland’s Armchair Mayor: Scraping the bottom of the barrel at Neighborhood Notes

The folks at Neighborhood Notes were kind enough to select me to be Portland’s Armchair Mayor, today. I know. I know. Everyone else must have been busy.

Well, and honestly, who better to play Armchair Mayor than someone who doesn’t really do anything?

Besides, I don’t take the opportunity to do opinion pieces much, so at least there’s that.

If you’ve got a few minutes and are well caffeinated, it might be worth giving it a read. Here’s a scintillating teaser:

NN: The world has never been hooked up like this before. Do you ever step back and ponder the big picture? How are all these high-tech communication devices ultimately going to change humanity?

RT: I’m sorry, what? I was looking at my phone.

For more riveting insights, read Armchair Mayor: Rick Turoczy on Neighborhood Notes.

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