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Portland blogs BikePortland, Lund Report, and Neighborhood Notes named to Oregonian News Network project

The Oregonian has a new project, designed to expose those blogs to an even broader readership, a staggering 2.26 million unique visits a month. The Oregonian News Network.

Portland is lucky to have some very strong local blogs. Very strong. Blogs that cover things that are important to residents of the town—and of interest to folks outside Portland, looking in. And even though it’s rare for those blogs to be run by traditional journalists, there is no doubt that they provide coverage and insight that rivals even the most seasoned reporter. Read More

KATU launches hyperlocal Portland blogs

You may remember that, in early September, we heard rumblings of Portland-based television station KATU getting into the hyperlocal blogging game. Now, as Oregon Media Central reports, the KATU community sites are live and accessible to the public.

And while this traditional media foray into typically grassroots reporting and blogging represents an “it’s about time” moment—and a move that validates what many local bloggers have been doing for years—it’s worth taking a look at what the KATU blogs are going to be covering. Read More