What are you doing for lunch tomorrow? Want to hang out with me and Skip Newberry? I’ll buy.

I know you’re super busy, but I’m all about you getting the attention you deserve. So if you can put up with my babbling—and can spare $5—it would be awesome to see you at the City Club of Portland tomorrow. Skip Newberry of the SAO and I will be telling tales about the Portland tech and startup scene.

Who knows? I might even say something interesting. And you wouldn’t want to miss that.

But no promises. Because the likelihood isn’t high. But Skip will likely have some interesting details.

Portland has the potential to be a leading tech startup hub, on par with much larger metropolitan areas. Our city has embraced a culture of “attention to craft and workmanship” that has customers yearning for Portland’s products, employees clamoring to be part of a burgeoning new startup scene, and entrepreneurs from around the world considering Portland as the home from their startups.

Okay okay. I hear you, City Club? Yes. City Club. You might not have a great deal of experience with the organization—and that’s actually part of the problem. We’ve got to put some effort into breaking down the silos here in town. Portland is too small. And there are too many talented folks who don’t know one another.

So Skip and I are going to do a little of that connecting. And it would be nice to have some of you in the crowd to help put faces on the “startup scene” around here.

The Club’s mission—“to inform its members and the community in public matters and to arouse in them a realization of the obligations of citizenship”—still appears on the front of the Club’s weekly publication, the Bulletin.

City Club has a rich tradition and a strong reputation for excellence. Many of the community’s key leaders—now and in the past—initially honed their skills on City Club projects. The Club continues to provide leadership development, intellectual stimulation, and social interaction with diverse representatives from throughout the community. Membership is open to all.

And since you’re among our leaders of the future, it makes sense to have you there. In fact, I’ll tell you what… If you’ve got the time, I’d even be happy to pay your admission. Just let me know you’re going and I’ll send you $5 via Chirpify. Because it’s too late to get in on the lunch. But you can still get coffee and stuff.

See you tomorrow around noon. I hope.

  1. Never mind, I found it. For anyone else interested the archive can be found here: http://pdxcityclub.org/system/files/forum_audio/FF%20Audio%202012-06-15%20Tech%20Startup%20MP3.mp3

  2. I caught part of the conversation Friday on OPB on my way out of town. I would love to hear the whole thing, but neither OPB or the City Club offer archived discussions.

  3. Don’t know why this is the first time I’ve seen this. I thought I was on the City Club events list and I do follow you via Silicon Florist. I have a prior committment so will miss the program (and meeting you and renewing an acquaintance with Skip). Would love to have coffee with you sometime if you are amenable.

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