Mapping a better future: Ecotrust opens Madrona decision tool to the public

Granted, Ecotrust isn’t exactly a startup. But this app release was too interesting to pass up.

Today, Ecotrust opened public access to Madrona, a flexible set of software tools to assist in decision support and spatial planning with an eye toward the environment.

Beginning in 2011 Ecotrust began using the MarineMap code base to develop tools outside of the marine sector at a variety of geographic scales for forestry, watershed prioritization and regional planning. New features and core improvements were beginning to come out of these projects at a rapid pace and Ecotrust began envisioning a broader framework for spatial planning, one that incorporated the best innovations across sectors and projects while still supporting the uniqueness of each. Thus the idea for Madrona was born, a framework for decision support and spatial planning at any scale.

Using a combination of Google Earth and the Madrona software, users gain access to a powerful set of tools that help people make better choices about the environmental decisions they’re trying to make.

For more information or to download the tool for free, visit Madrona.

  1. Thanks for the shout Rick. To add to your post, Madrona is about flexibility. It’s about giving developers options when it comes to creating tools for area-based planning. Google Earth and Maps is one of those options on the mapping side. So is OpenLayers, Leaflet, ESRI, and all of the services around them from Mapbox to CartoDB to ArcGIS Online. We want you to be able to pick the best technology and features for the problem and process at hand, and Madrona will provide the means for your audience to collaborate, design, and ultimately find the best solution.

    Tim Welch
    Senior developer

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