New partnerships have Urban Airship getting even more gamey

You’ve built one of the leading platforms for enabling push notifications on smartphones. Where do you go next? Well, if you’re Portland’s Urban Airship, you look for creative opportunities to use that technology to improve experiences. And gaming seems like a perfect venue to do just that.

Today, UA announced a partnership with GameAnalytics, a company that uses predictive analytics to identify users and their behaviors, that will enable game developers to push messages to players when and where they need them.

Advanced predictive modeling from GamesAnalytics can be used to determine which gamers are most likely to churn, which are most likely to pay for virtual goods, and which are the most social, in order to target promotions and offers that increase retention and drive revenue. With the addition of Urban Airship messaging, gamers can be engaged directly on their smartphone home screens whether the game is open or not.

This follows on the heels of the UA and Roar Engine partnership, one that makes Urban Airship push part and parcel of Roar Engine’s building blocks for game developers:

Roar Engine offers game developers easy to use and highly configurable game building blocks that manage player state, game logic, virtual goods and social mechanics. Mobile game clients access these features via Roar’s Unity3D client APIs. With push notifications powered by Urban Airship, developers using Roar Engine can deliver messages to users’ home screens to drive app opens and other re-engagement activities, or utilize Rich Push® to deliver multimedia content including surveys to persistent in-app inboxes.

As an example, developers can use Roar Engine’s leaderboards and social integrations to set up a complex player matching and challenge mechanic that triggers Urban Airship push messages to engage the challenged player.

For more information on the partnerships, visit Urban Airship. To keep up-to-date on all the UA happenings, follow @urbanairship on Twitter.