Lookin’ good: Vizify reinvents the way you see yourself on the Web

It’s the summer of the big reveal. First Simple starts rolling out debit cards to people who have been patiently waiting and now TechStars and Portland Seed Fund alum Vizify has launched the public version of their eagerly awaited product.

And from the looks of things, people are liking it.

With about five clicks, users can aggregate their Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Foursquare streams. Then, Vizify does some parsing, a whole bunch of natural language processing, cranks through some visualizations, and voila! You’ve got a whole new take on the profile page.

There’s enough commonality to give you context. And enough diversity to make every profile unique. Here’s my Vizify profile. And here are profiles from Luke Kanies of Puppet Labs, Ken Keiter of Superbly, Mat Ellis of Cloudability, Josh Friedman of Rumblefish, and of course Todd Silverstein of Vizify.

What are other folks saying about Vizify? Let’s take a look.

Fast Company: Vizify Turns Your Social Network Into An Infographic About Your Life

But online presence is also becoming a more important component of relationships in general. Another study, commissioned by social network Badoo, suggested 39% of Americans spend more time socializing online than in person. If socializing is indeed moving online with the same force as information is, Vizify is poised to be its digestable first impression. “Online identity may be becoming more important than offline identity,” Silverstein says. “Which may be terrifying. But there are also some interesting opportunities.”

TechCrunch: Your Visual Identity: Tim Draper-Backed Vizify Launches An About.me On Steroids

The more data you have in the apps, the more you’re going to get out of a service like Vizify, and the more meaning it will have to your visitors. From here, Vizify needs to make it easy to share and embed your visual resume on any site and export that data. It’s also all about SEO, so that if you spend the time connecting your profiles, when someone searches your name, your Vizify profile is one of the first to pop up. Then we’d be cooking with oil.

The Next Web: Forget About.me, Vizify is your new online profile of choice

From a design aspect, Vizify is exceptionally well done. It appears that the company has used HTML5 elements so that it works on all modern browsers. The team has also made the design entirely responsive, so it looks every bit as good on your iPhone as it does in your desktop browser.

Digital Trends: Vizify helps you put your best, most visual, virtual self out there

The approach is incredibly refined. I had the chance to go hands-on with Vizify prior to its launch and I’m impressed by what the team was able to create. Vizify is an interesting way to collect and present your online persona in a series of things you’ve said, photos you’ve posted, and work you’ve done. Profiles are big, bold, and bright, showing off all your data in a chart-like graphic; you can click between points of content or progress through the pages in slideshow fashion. The effect is engaging and refreshingly simple.

GeekWire: Vizify turns your ‘ugly’ social media pages into a hip presence

I’ve been playing around with Vizify over the past 24 hours, and the service (as you can see in my profile page above) is clean and user friendly. It injests information about you, from hometown to educational background to recent photos you’ve uploaded to Facebook. It also includes a timeline of your Tweets, so you can easily scroll back over what you’ve said in the past. (This reminded me a bit of Seattle’s Intersect, as well as Facebook’s own Timeline feature).

Mashable: Turn Your Personal Data Into an Interactive Infographic

The team sought to create a platform that focused on visualizing personal data in one place. It spoke with more than 200 people involved in hiring staff for companies and found a desire to get a better feel for what makes candidates tick, based on what is typically not on a resume.

So how do you get a chance to get a shiny new online profile? Well, the folks at Vizify were kind enough to share some invites. Head on over to Vizify and use the invite code “siliconflorist.” But you better hurry. They are only a limited number available.

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    That’s fascinating … but somehow too “cute”. I think it would work better for me if I had a Facebook and a Foursquare account. But I can’t imagine doing that.

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