Another day, another awesome Portland Kickstarter project funded: GameDock for iOS devices

Admit it. There are days when you find the less than tactile surface of your capacitive touch screen a tad cold and unwelcoming. You long for the days—especially during gaming—when you had buttons to press and a controller to throw at the wall. Well, get ready to be happy.

Because while finding an awesome Kickstarter project is always nice, finding one that’s already been funded so you know you’ll be getting what you ordered is even better.

And the GameDock, an old school throwback of Nintendo goodness built by Cascadia Games, designed to take your iOS gaming device back in time, is going to be funded. All you have to do is get on board.


The GameDock for Apple iOS devices enables developers to turn their mobile games into console video games for your HD television. When you want the console experience, plug your iPhone into the GameDock and play with one or two gamepads while it charges. When you’re ready for mobile, unplug the phone and continue playing the same game on the go.

With the GameDock, you’ll never have to upgrade your console again. It remains compatible with your new iPhone and apps as you upgrade. Have the best of both worlds!

There’s only one problem: you have to act fast. Your window of opportunity is closing faster than, well, that one door in Bowser’s castle on Super Mario Bros.

So take a few minutes to wander through the GameDock Kickstarter project—which will be funded early this week—and if it strikes your fancy, take a trip back in time.

  1. Yes! Have been looking for this for a while. Funded!

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