Livestream: Potential Portland mayors chat about the technology and startup scene, Monday morning

We’re drawing closer to election season. And this time around, entrepreneurs are a hotly contested constituency for the Portland mayoral candidates, Charlie Hales and Jefferson Smith. That’s why Elemental Technologies will bring the two candidates together for a debate about the startup scene—and of course they’ll be livestreaming it.

The event takes place Monday, August 13, at 11 AM PT.

With an unwavering commitment to the health and growth of the software cluster in Portland, Elemental encourages active civic dialogue between business and government leaders and supports public engagement. To this end and to make the discussion between the cities’ mayoral candidates available to the widest possible audience, the company will tap into its core competency and stream the event live, making it available to view in real-time via the Internet and on mobile devices. To view the event live on August 13 at 11am, simply click here and tune in on your PC, tablet or smart phone.

In addition, the public can submit questions to the forum via Twitter using the hashtag #pdxmayor during the debate. Queries will be submitted to the moderator as the debate occurs — so don’t hesitate to tune in online and pose your pertinent questions to these two compelling candidates! Every voice counts as we move towards the elections in November, and we hope you’ll join us at Elemental HQ or participate in the forum online.

PIE will be hosting a simulcast of the event, if you’re interested.

And even if you’re not from Portland, it’s a great way to get a glimpse at what’s happening around here. And who the next mayor of our town will be.

For more information, visit the Elemental Blog.

  1. The event is over, but the video is archived here:

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