REMINDER: Dave McClure says shit… well, every day. But on Monday he’ll be saying it in Portland

We’ve had a great summer of folks swinging through Portland and taking the time to chat with folks here. And this Monday, we’ve got another awesome person in town, the incomparable Dave McClure.

If you’re not familiar with Dave, you should be. Thoughtful, straightforward, and—at times—polarizing, Dave has had a significant impact on the early stage startup scene. What’s more, he’s gained notoriety for being blunt about it:

Dave McClure is a greedy, blood-sucking venture capitalist & founding general partner at 500 Startups, an internet startup seed fund and incubator program in Mountain View, CA. He likes to hang out with entrepreneurs, and occasionally help or invest in their startups if they are foolish enough to let him. @davemcclure

So what’s Dave discussing this time? That’s a great question. We’ve no idea.

The one and only Dave McClure is coming to Portland and who knows what kind of trouble he’s going to get us all into. He’s heading to Portland for, “Geeks on a Train,” an 8-hour train ride from PDX – VAN for the 3rd Annual GROW Conference where he’s speaking.

But first, he’s going to take some time Monday night to meet with us all at Urban Airship and shed some light on something. We’ll give you more details if we get them but as of now, we know there will be beer, McClure, and some awesome PDXers. Thanks to Urban Airship for hosting and providing the booze!

Have something you’d like Dave to discuss? Well, you’re in luck. You have the chance to get some stuff on the agenda. Just tweet with the #ShitDaveSez hashtag to suggest topics before the event.

The event begins Monday at 5:30PM. As noted above, it’s hosted at Urban Airship. For more information or to register, visit Eventbrite.

Not quite sure what you’re getting yourself into? Try watching Dave’s infamous “Why not to do a startup” talk from the safety of your Web browser.

(Image courtesy Randy Stewart. Used under Creative Commons.)

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  2. Will this meeting be recorded or will it be off the record?

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