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REMINDER: Dave McClure says shit… well, every day. But on Monday he’ll be saying it in Portland

We’ve had a great summer of folks swinging through Portland and taking the time to chat with folks here. And this Monday, we’ve got another awesome person in town, the incomparable Dave McClure. Read More

Geeks on a Train: Join Dave McClure and your peers from Portland and Seattle for a trip to Vancouver (No, the other one)

Most days, we’re all so heads down that we don’t get the opportunity to chat with our peers. And it’s even more rare for that to occur with our peers in Seattle. That’s why events are always a welcome opportunity to catch up. Read More

You’d be stupid to ignore this startup and valuation insight from Dave McClure of 500 Startups

I’m a big fan of Dave McClure. He’s got a dynamic personality, credible personal success, and insights that rival some of the most seasoned investors. And he puts his (PayPal) money where his mouth is. Dave’s accelerator, 500 Startups, is just the latest example of his innate understanding of the startup and investing environment.

Dave recently sat down with the folks at Bloomberg to discuss valuations, the startup evironment, and investing. If you’re in a startup—Web based or otherwise—it’s well worth your time to listen to what Dave has to say. Read More

Want to see what a startup incubator demo day is like? 500 Startups gives you a seat at the show

For all the incubators and accelerators popping up, one of the most interesting has to be Dave McClure‘s 500 Startups. Part startup accelerator, part seed fund. The vision for 500 Startups is change the way that startups and investors collaborate and interact—to the benefit of both groups.

And now, you can get a little glimpse into what one of those 500 Startups demo days is like. Read More

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