That's the ticket: GlobeSherpa lands TriMet mobile ticketing business

Portland Seed Fund alum GlobeSherpa holds the promise of using smartphones to solve any number of public transit ticketing issues. But that promise needed to be validated by a customer.

Enter one of the most forward thinking transit organizations in the US—who as luck would have it also happens to reside in GlobeSherpa’s backyard.

Yesterday, it was announced that TriMet is taking a ride on the GlobeSherpa product. Or its passengers are. Or whatever.

“Whenever we can, we look for innovations to make it easier for our customers to ride our system,” said TriMet General Manager Neil McFarlane. “This will truly be a convenient and faster option for our riders to buy and use tickets. It’s also exciting to be working with a local firm on this endeavor.”

And with more than 300,000 trips taken each day, TriMet will put GlobeSherpa’s platform to the test.

“We’re delighted to be working with TriMet to power their new mobile ticketing service,” said Nat Parker, CEO of GlobeSherpa. “Smartphone applications that leverage open data have transformed the transit sector. We’re taking that innovation even further by allowing users to buy tickets, with no exact change or ticket vending machines required.”

TriMet and GlobeSherpa will launch an Alpha test of the platform through December, with a Beta test expected to begin in January and a full public launch in the spring 2013. In mid-December, TriMet will recruit a cross section of riders to participate in the Beta test.

For more information, visit GlobeSherpa or TriMet.

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