Thinking about grabbing a cold one? New and improved Taplister can help

Taplister may not be a new name to you Portland types. But thanks to the folks at Upstart Labs, Taplister has reimagined their beer finding service—and it’s worth a second look.

Taplister helps you Discover Craft Beer™. Taplister lets craft beer drinkers find beer on tap near them through the beer search on Taplister.com and the Taplister app for iPhone. Taplister is the original source for real-time crowdsourced tap lists and beer menus nationwide.

Taplister also offers marketing tools for bars and restaurants. The Taplister Digital Beer Board™ helps bars turn any HDTV or digital display into a digital beer menu. And the Taplister Tap List Management System lets bartenders and managers update the list of what’s on tap via Taplister.com on a PC or smartphone.

And folks are finding this craft beer finder worth covering. So grab a cold one and dig into some of these reviews:

TechCrunch: Taplister Launches A New Website And App For Finding The Best Craft Beers

From a consumer perspective, the Taplister website and iOS app allow you to browse nearby bars to see what beers are available, or to search for a certain beer and see which bars are serving it. Businesses can claim their profiles, but even if they don’t, they’re still in the system with data that’s crowdsourced from Taplister users.

GeekWire: Taplister helps beer-lovers find what’s on tap

“With the Brewers Association (BA) reporting that the number of U.S. breweries just hit a 125-year-high, it is evident that craft beer is more popular than ever,” said Kerry Finsand, CEO and founder of Taplister. “With so many choices, beer drinkers are demanding an easy way to find their favorite beer on tap near them and the new Taplister delivers. There’s no more calling bars for what they have on tap, and no more constant updating of menus for bars and brewpubs with Taplister.”

Portland Business Journal: Taplister takes the mystery out of discovering craft brews

And instead of relying on a mishmash of crowdsourced data, Taplister struck a partnership with RateBeer and its database of 130,000 beers, which includes details such as alcohol by volume, the beer’s International Bitterness Units, the brewery’s location, and scores based on a composite rating of RateBeer’s users.

The business is built around providing a service to proprietors of bars and restaurants, who would use the service to better promote their daily beer choices.

For more information, visit Taplister or follow @taplister on Twitter.

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