Urban Airship and Cloudability investor Brad Feld talks startups communities, entrepreneurs, and Portland

While Portland is still relatively immature as a startup community, we’re making strides in the right direction. And we’re beginning to track on the “Boulder Thesis,” a concept championed by Brad Feld—cofounder of TechStars and Foundry Group, an investor in Portland companies Urban Airship and Cloudability—in his book Startup Communities.

PIE startup KS12 took a few minutes to chat with Brad on Skype regarding Portland, entrepreneurship, and investing. Here’s what they captured.


For more interviews from KS12 with entrepreneurs and investors, visit Video Sprint. For more of Brad’s insights and access to additional resources, visit Startup Revolution.

  1. What is the startup/tech scene like in Portland, Oregon?…

    Portland has a super vibrant tech community, with hot startups, active investors and lots of talent. Plus, a quality of life that can’t be beat. PDX is starting to both attract relocators and nurture the home-grown tech scene. Ryan Carson, for example…

  2. You’ve got a Minotaur in your room. Watch out.

  3. Scott, you look alright (well, maybe a little serious) in the picture. I’m more haunted by that creature looming in the background of the video!

  4. I swear that picture will haunt me until the end of time. Ironically I was INTRODUCING Brad. 🙂

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